WordPress 3.9 features and the music of Jimmy Smith – Jazz and Blues

The new WordPress 3.9 version is available. It is dedicated to the Jazz musician Jimmy Smith, so I thourght instead to look in detail to the new and exciting features of WordPress 3.9 let’s have a look to Jimmy Smith and listen to his music a little bit.

Jimmy Smith 2004 - Source: Wikipedia
Jimmy Smith 2004 – Source: Wikipedia

Jimmy Smith was born 1925 in Norristown, Pennsylvania in the USA and died 2005 in Scottsdale, Arizona. His music helped to popularize the sound of the Hammond organ.

Read more about Jimmy Smith at >>> Wikipedia.

And what about the WordPress 3.9 features?

Ok, here they are. These are the new features of WordPress 3.9 – and the most important about it.

  • Improved visual editing:
    Better support of Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word
  • Edit images easily:
    Crop and rotate actions for your images are easier accessible
  • Drag and drop your images:
    As it says, drag and drop your images to your new post
  • Gallery previews:
    Preview your galleries during editing the post
  • Audio and video playlists:
    You can have simple playlists for your video and/or audio clips
  • Live widget and header previews:
    The theme preview mode allows now to add widgets to the preview screen

Does it make sense to update to WordPress 3.9?

Sure, I think that the features are worth to update your WordPress system. And not to forget: Old systems are often vulnerable for exploits of hackers and other organized criminals.

I updated 3 websites without any problems.

What do you think? Do you like the music of Jimmy Smith?


Think like Google and increase your Google Ranking

Think like Google –  Increase your Google Ranking

Every website owner wants his articles to be read by as many people as possible – you and me, we are no exceptions. That’s the reason to publish something in the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you try to earn money from your website or if you just write it for fun.

 It’s always frustrating if you open your statistics page and realize, that nobody visited your site even you had spent a full day to prepare your last post. And this last post was so good ! A real enlightenment for everybody…but they don’t visit your page and therefore will never know what kind of genius you are. That’s really, really sad…even I don’t know you, I can feel your desperation.


Now the good news: You can change it ! Yes !!!! You can change it !!

The “Think like Google” Approach

Me at an caribean beach while writing this blog - hahahaha - just a joke !
Me at an caribean beach while writing this blog – hahahaha – just a joke !

The reason, that nobody, except your five Facebook buddies, visits your page is, that people just don’t know that you are there. Try this: Do a search of one or more of the main words of your article with Google. Can you see your website on the first page of the search result? On the second or third ? On page 13, 17 or 23 ? Let me guess, it’s nearer to 23 then to page 1. Right?  If you appear on the pages behind the third one, it’s as good as nothing. Most people do not look further than  the three pages. Your goal should be now to get there at the top of the Google search  result. How to do this ? Understand Google.

Google and any other search engine have one thing in common – they compete with each other for their customers and one of these customers is you ! Think a little bit about yourself. Which search engine would you prefer ? The one that provides you with really useful information about the search term you had entered or the one that shows up with a list of web sites, that in fact contains 10 times your search Phrase but nothing else than advertising in addition ? If you would find out, that another search engine has often  better results, wouldn’t you  change your preferred search engine after a while?

Yes, caribean beaches are nice.
Yes, caribean beaches are nice.

Let’s go back to Google but keep in mind, that this is true for all search engines.  Google has a serious need to deliver reliable information to its users. When the Google bot searches the internet for new information, this information is analyzed and classified in a certain way. After this procedure your Website get’s a ranking number for the key words found in your text and in the meta Information. This ranking will determine where in the search result your page is found.  The algorithm how this is done is secret. But from what I said before we can conclude certain things that are important. Here is the list what I consider to be important:

1. Content

I already wrote about the importance of the quality of the content. Especially in the Blogosphere, many people write about the small daily things they are interested in. You can read about Little Jimmy, who just got its first tooth or how good the scrambled egg was this morning. Others write about how complicated it was to find the right bus in the bus terminal of Mexico City and how funny it was that somebody’s mobile phone fell into the lady’s toilet. Fun ? Yes, for them and their 5 Facebook buddies who follow them but not for you (maybe, hopefully) and not for me. For me it’s useless to read the story of the sunken but still lightning and blinking mobile phone in the toilet, if I look for useful information about the bus terminal because I will be there next week and don’t want to spend to much time looking for the right bus that will bring me to down to Cancun.

2. Complexity of text

There are computer algorithms that can  analyze the complexity of a text. I don’t know if Google does it, but I would do it if I was Google. The name of this algorithm is “Flesh reading ease” –> more Information at Wikipedia

A good SEO plugin like the one Yoast  that I use myself  will calculate the value for you. Here are some example values. If you do not write for scientists, then the best value for your readers might be a number between 50 and 60. A smaller number means a more complicated text. If you write for children, you might need higher values.

90.0–100.0 easily understood by an average 11-year-old student
60.0–70.0 easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students
0.0–30.0 best understood by university graduates

Don’t use a sentence like: “For me it’s useless to read the story of the sunken but still lightning and blinking mobile phone in the toilet, if I look for useful information about the bus terminal because I will be there next week and don’t want to spend to much time looking for the right bus that will bring me to down to Cancun.”

It’s better to divide such a sentence in smaller junks.

3. Uniqueness

Don’t copy and paste text from other websites or even from Wikipedia. The Google engine will realize it and will rank you lower. Don’t copy your own posts…

To hot to write blog posts
To hot to write blog posts

 4. Word count

This is an important factor. Don’t publish something if you have nothing to say. A text should have a minimum of 300 words. The text you are reading at this Moment will have more than 1500 words after completion. If you were looking for an article about an AMG Mercedes Benz 280 S build in 1972 and you would have the choice between:

a. 1 Picture and a stupid text like: “It’s a car with four wheels” and
b. 1 Picture and a 1400 words description that tells you about  the special equipment of this nice car

Which of the two would you prefer ? …..Same like me ? ……You see, you start thinking like Google…

5. Manual analysis by humans

 Google uses human readers to analyze the content of web sites and pages, too. Their rating of your text will become part of the calculation for the ranking. And believe me or not, but the rating of these people will have the biggest impact for your ranking.

6. Age of your Website

If you are very fresh in this business and your website is just 2 weeks old, you shouldn’t expect that you find yourself on the first Google result page.  Unfortunately you cannot change this. And please, don’t try to tweak around by changing the post date even there are tools available that do such things for you. Google isn’t stupid. Just let it mature on it’s own.

Oh YES, I like this page - klick here !!
Oh YES, I like this page – klick here !!

7. Frequency of Posts

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a webcast of one of those charismatic Web-Blog-Gurus who works from an caribean beach. He told his audience, hat it would be enough to produce a new post once or twice per month or even within longer periods…hahaha, might be true if your blog is 5 years old and you have a daily traffic of 50000 visitors, but for us “normal” people a frequency of 1 or 2 posts per week is a better approach.

First, the frequency shows how serious you take this. Once per month shows me that this person is not interested (anymore) in the subject that it’s previous posts were about. After a while he will disappear from the result lists and this will decrease his traffic too.

The second point is, that every single article will bring you more traffic through the search engines. When I started my first blog, I realized, that after 20 posts I had 0.5 visitors per day for each article. After I published the 50st article, this gave me 1 visitor per day and article. And after I published the post number 100 I got 3 visitors per day for each article.
If you write 1 article per month, you will need 8 years to reach this point. I made it in 3 month. Yes, my Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus contacts could have become a little bit bored, ’cause with each of my posts they got an announcement. For some periods this happened even once per day. You know what ? I didn’t care about…and was very happy to realize, that my buddies always read, shared and liked what I published. My advice is, don’t be shy.


I think, that I could show the main factors for a good ranking in this post. You need no special technical knowledge to make sure that your text ranks good. Maybe you ask yourself now, how long will this take ? Here is the answer –> The most important thing to make money on the internet

There are many more but more technical things you can do to influence your ranking in the search engines. I will talk about them in a separate article later.

Was this article useful for you ?  It would be an honour for me if you would push the like button please. Thank you.

Please use the comment section if you have further questions.

Facebook Like Page and WordPress Integration

Facebook Like Page and WordPress Integration

How to create a Facebook Like Page and it’s Integration to WordPress

To be successful in social media marketing you should have a Facebook like page. This is very important for everybody who runs a blog or a web site. You will have several benefits from creating such a page.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the internet. Due to the possibility to like and share posts of other people it can easily happen that your article is read by many, many people…ok, not all articles but some. By the way, did  you read my post about content –> It’s all about content


A Facebook like page, as it name says, can be liked by everyone. Sometimes it’s called a fan page. It’s public. And everybody who liked your Facebook like page will be informed if you add a new post there. That’s perfect for people who want to be informed about your new posts but don’t want to subscribe to your web site directly. From this point it’s just a small step, that your readers will click on the like button or – much better – share your posts with their friends.

1-IMG_0164This doesn’t mean that you have to publish twice. A good web platform like WordPress e.g. will give you the possibility to link your own site with this Facebook “like” page. But there are simpler possibilities as well.
After you established this connection between your site and the Facebook page, you can automatically update the Facebook page, when you publish a new post. I will explain both how to create a Facebook like page and how to establish a connection between your WordPress site and Facebook below.

How to create a Facebook like page

Facebook doesn’t allow several accounts, but you are allowed to create additional pages. These are the Facebook Like Pages. Doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, if it is a library, organization, famous rock band or your web site. You can create a page preferable using the same name as your business and start to fill this page with content.

Example: For this blog I created a Facebook page with the name X for U Marketing. Look here –>  XforUMarketing Facebook Like page. Did you see it ? Don’t forget to klick on the big “Like” Button !!!

Now do it yourself !

Login with your facebook account. On the left sidebar you should see the following entry:


After a click on Live Pages you get this one:


 Now Click on the “+Create Page”-button and you get this:


Choose which of the possibilities above reflect your website/blog, then continue and follow the instructions of facebook. After entering your personal information you will have a page similar to mine.

How-to integrate your facebook page to your web site

There are several different possibilities that you have. The simplest of all is he following:

Add this piece of code to your page, replace the URL with your own:

<a href=http://www.facebook.com/name-of-your-page >Like it on Facebook</a>

This will produce the following link (in this case for my blog templeplaces.com, don’t forget to like it, please…)

Like it on Facebook ?

That’s simple, isn’t ?

For WordPress, there are several plugins available that will help you to integrate with facebook. an easy one comes with a plugin called Jetpack. Beside the social media integration, Jetpack has some more very useful widgets included.

Let’s have a look:


After you clicked on the Publicize-Part you will get the possibility to enter your Facebook-login information:


In the second section of this page you will need to choose facebook as an available service, just by drag and drop:


These setting will not only publish your blog post automatically to your facebook page, but will add a Facebook Like button below every post – exactly like this one…can you see it ? Click it !

I you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments area.

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